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It is Time to Stand Together, Help End the Brutal Policing of Black Bodies

Hands up, unarmed, minor traffic violation, routine stop, walking down the street, standing on the front porch, father, husband, brother, sister, daughters, and mothers- the Black community mourns and grieves over the loss of so many from police violence. We are tired of reading about deadly police encounters, we are tired of seeing the videos, and we are tired of acquittals. Now is the time to stand in solidarity with the movement against police killings in the Black community. All of us can raise our voices to say "Black Lives Matter." If we do not stand together now, when? We must unite to put out the fires of injustice that are currently raging. Click here to learn more about Black Lives Matter 5280 and take your place in the struggle. For more information on funders' support and the national BLM platform click here.


Against All Odds, Padres & Jóvenes Unidos Saves Breakfast After The Bell for 16,000 Students in Colorado

In the final days of the legislative session, House Bill 16-1463 was introduced threatening the progress of ending hunger for 16,000 students in Colorado. Our parents and members mobilized overnight, were in full force at the capital, and placed 160 paper plates on the capital steps. Each plate represented 100 children that were going to be affected by the proposed change. On their way to work, and a free BBQ lunch, legislators had to walk through the empty plates representing 16,000 students who would be cut from the program. PJU members gave testimony on the grave effects of hunger on our children’s health, academic performance, and unintentional misbehavior due to a lack of food. Due to a 3-day blitz of oppositional emails, paper plates, and discussions Padres was able to win new votes and defeat HB 16-1463 and over 16,000 breakfasts were secured!

Parent and youth members came together to learn about the connection between healthy schools, ending the school-to-jail track, and the right to college preparation at our 4-hr long Zumba-thon!

Youth Members and NEA State Leaders Unite to End the School-to-Jail Track

Delegates of the 95th NEA Representative Assembly approved a new policy statement tackling discipline and the school-to-prison pipeline. As a show of their commitment to this work, Padres & Jóvenes Unidos was invited to lead a plenary session at the 2016 NEA State Leaders' Summer Conference hosted in Denver, CO. A Texas NEA Leader, Noel Candelaria (pictured above), was "inspired and proud" of the work from PJU. The session provided an overview of a 10 plus year history working to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline and eliminate racial disparities, while creating healthy and supportive learning environments for young people and adults. Click here to learn more about the PJU campaign to End the School-to-Jail Track.


National and State Collaboration Leads to Restorative Practices Launch
in Denver Public Schools

“This kind of collaboration is not the norm. When we travel across the country to share our work, they don’t believe that this is possible. The impact is going to be felt nationally."

- Ricardo Martinez, Co-Executive Director of PJU

The Denver School-Based Restorative Practices Partnership, a coalition of Padres & Jóvenes Unidos (PJU); the national racial justice organization, Advancement Project (AP); the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA), Denver Public Schools (DPS), the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver (DU); and the National Education Association (NEA) launched its Restorative Practices (RP) Mentoring Program at North High School. This partnership is working to ensure that students, families, educators, and the district have a voice in this important work. This groundbreaking multi-stakeholder model is critical to the successful implementation and long-term sustainability of restorative practices.


Join the Statewide Movement to End the School-to-Jail Track in Colorado

This summer, we have established a new collaboration with the Colorado Department of Education to strengthen our End the School-to-Jail Track In Colorado Network (CO-ES2J) by launching monthly network calls as a forum to connect educators, community organizations, districts, agencies and advocates across different regions of the state to better take on the school-to-jail track and implement restorative practices in their local conditions. Through the partnership, we also seek to increase coordination of statewide advocacy and best practice sharing. Click here, if you would like to lend your voice to the conversation.


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Cheltenham Parent Meeting
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Early Childhood Education Meeting
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End The School To Jail Track Youth Meeting
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Health Justice Parent Meeting
At Salvation Army on
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Chalkbeat: ECE school discipline discussion started by PJU continues at Colorado govenor's mansion with pschology experts and Rep. Lontine. - click here

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