El Boletín December 2016

Padres & Jóvenes Members march on the 16th Street Mall in protest of President-elect Trump.

The Legacy of Resistance Lives On

The past few weeks have been very difficult for our members, and we all have more questions than answers. We have met with immigration lawyers to discuss what is and isn't possible under a Trump Administration, we have had stimulating conversations with our allies about the work ahead, and most importantly, we have made our voices heard.

It was hard to find language to explain exactly how we all felt after November 8th, but we know that actions speak louder than words. Embracing our members, visualizing our discontent, and just showing up for each other holds power - so we marched. The path to social justice may be a bit thornier over the next 4 years, but we have examples of how to walk and how to clean the wounds when we are struck. The ancestors have shown us. We will resist and we will make it known.


"Action is the antidote to despair." - Joan Baez


Parent Leaders See School Lunch Wins in
Denver Public Schools

Parent members have worked tirelessly over the past year to bring attention to the gross inequity in the cafeterias of Denver Public Schools (DPS). The carefully written, Health Justice Report II, illustrated undeniable problems with access to fresh foods and clean water, meal preparation, and staffing. Since the report release, DPS has responded to parent demands by making the following changes in schools:

  • All 200 kitchen managers have received 3 salad bar trainings this year (2016)

  • DPS is now conducting 5 food quality audits at random schools each week; including a blind taste test

  • DPS will provide each kitchen with photo examples of properly prepared meals and recipes that will be posted for staff reference

  • Kitchen managers must complete 60 hours of “scratch cook” training by the end of their first year, in order to better oversee school meal preparation


Padres & Jóvenes Unidos Youth Leader Addresses Grantmakers for Education (GFE)

Mayra Evangelista has been with Padres & Jóvenes since 2014 and has had the opportunity to collaborate and lead her peers in direct actions to fight the school-to-jail track in Denver. She shared her inspiring story with GFE conference attendees in the session, Youth Leadership for Educational Equity: Hammering Out Policy and Nailing Skills.

The GFE conference, titled "Equity in Education: Conversations We're Not Having," brought in education funders from all over the nation to have "tough talk" and learn more about how to best address the needs of grantee organizations. 
Click here to read about PJU's work to End the School-to-Jail Track.


The Health of Our Children is in Jeopardy:
Physical Education in Colorado Falls Short

Colorado often tops many "Healthiest in the Nation" lists, but the reality for our children is quite different. Further, there are great disparities across the state and even in schools in the same district. The latest report from the coalition PE for All Colorado, reveals the unsettling facts about how little activity our kids are receiving - "Colorado ranks 24th in the nation for percentage of children who participate in at least 20 minutes of MVPA four times or more per week." Click here to download the full report.

Equity in Childhood Coalition Begins to Draft Policy for Preschool Suspensions and Expulsions Ban

Studies show that a quality preschool program can lead to invaluable gains over the course of a child's educational career. However, how can they benefit from a quality program that they do not have access to, or are disciplined out of before age 6? The time for change is now, and after monthly stakeholder meetings - led in partnership with House Representative Susan Lontine, Clayton Early Learning, Colorado Children’s Campaign, Denver Chapter of the National Black Child Development Institute, and the Hope Center - the equity in childhood coalition is beginning to develop feasible policy solutions addressing school discipline in early childhood education. Policy discussions have included instituting a ban on suspensions and expulsions, which disproportionately affect students of color. Click here to read more on the story from Chalkbeat Colorado.

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