Padres & Jóvenes Unidos Takes the Fight for a Clean DREAM Act to Colorado Senators

On February 7, 2018, Padres & Jóvenes Unidos (along with our allies) organized to hold Senator Bennet accountable for voting to reopen the government on January 22nd  without including a clean DREAM Act.  His vote was a betrayal of the immigrant community.  He was not the leader we expected, and he did not fulfill his commitment to us.

We marched to his office and stood in solidarity with six constituents, the #Denver6, who took over Senator Bennet’s Denver office with the following demands: 1) that he withhold his vote on the latest continuing resolution without a clean DREAM Act; and 2) that he push for a DREAM Act before March 5th.  While the 45 hour sit-in did result in Senator Bennet voting against the budget deal that neglected to address the DREAM Act, he ultimately did not uphold his commitment to find a bipartisan path to the DREAM Act.

Last week, the Senate again passed the buck on supporting our immigrant families.  While debating various DACA solutions, Colorado Senators Gardner and Bennet proposed an amendment that would grant $25 billion for a border wall and border militarization.  This amendment did not reflect Colorado’s values and fortunately did not reach the floor.  Ultimately the Senate heard multiple DACA proposals that compromised on our values for immigrant justice at best and fulfilled the Trump white supremacist wishlist by holding dreamers hostage at worst.  All of these proposals failed.

Now more than ever we must continue to put pressure on all our elected officials as the March 5th DACA deadline approaches, and we need you in this fight!  We do not compromise our values.  We do not allow racist policies to divide us.


Monday, March 5th

Defend our Dreams #DreamActNow


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Remaining Vigilant with Denver Public Schools

As Denver Public Schools continues to claim gains, we must remain vigilant. In Denver, as in many cities across the country, we continue to see the shrinking of our middle class, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Gentrification is displacing our communities and our schools are now more segregated today than they were in the past. Cuts to school funding disproportionately impact poor students and students of color. This administration’s racist agenda is resulting in the criminalization of youth, a deportation machine that is violating our constitutional rights and the privatization of our public education system. With renewed energy because of our current social and political conditions, our youth are rising up full force. Over the past few months, through trainings, direct actions and political education, Jóvenes Unidos leaders have been organizing to End the School to Prison and Deportation Pipelines, specifically:

  • Keeping ICE out of schools
  • Eliminating police from schools
  • Increasing student supports like mental health, RJ, counselors and college prep

We need you in this youth-led fight. To join us, please contact Maria Oceja at 303-458-6545.

Join us for Jóvenes Unidos meetings every Thursday at 4:30pm at our office.

Padres & Jóvenes Unidos Demands Consistent Academic Standards, Forces DPS to Revise ‘Inflated’ Report Cards

Every year, Denver Public Schools (DPS) rates it’s schools. This rating is known as the SPF.  The SPF is an accountability tool that families need to assess their child’s school, but it is only as useful as it is accurate.  Sadly, this year, DPS’ data misrepresented the gains made by traditionally underserved schools.

Padres & Jóvenes Unidos (along with our allies) delivered a letter to Denver Public Schools Superintendent Tom Boasberg, demanding that the district correct the ‘inflated’ school ratings immediately.  Because of our pressure, DPS sent individual reports to parents on how their children were performing. While we condone this as an initial step, it is not enough.  We continue to lead the fight to achieve college prep for all students in Denver!

Join our SW Denver Parent Concilio every Wednesday at our office to stand for quality education for all students!  To get involved, please contact Monica Acosta at 303-458-6545.

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